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our story

My son Will Reiter and I founded Hudson Green as a plant-based food business in 2018.  I have worked as a pastry chef, a cookbook author, and a spokesperson for national food companies, and the most important cooking challenge of my life was to help make my husband heart-healthy again. After nearly suffering a heart attack, caused in part by a diet high in meat and fat, he stopped eating meat, dairy and oil; I made it my mission to create dishes he loved with ingredients that fit his new dietary restrictions. That’s how the first of our plant-based sauces, a Meatless Bolognese, was born!  

Prior to joining me in our food business, Will earned a law degree and worked for several years as a corporate finance attorney in Manhattan.  He’s very happy to have traded stacks of paperwork for barrels of fresh tomatoes and hasn’t looked back since! Working with him to produce healthful, delicious sauces is, everyday, a joyful experience.

Since joining forces we have committed ourselves to providing new takes on old classics, using high-quality ingredients that are safe for nearly every type of diet. Our Meatless Bolognese is made from six different vegetables for a rich, delicious taste. We shred and caramelize cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions and garlic, then add walnuts and three types of tomatoes for that authentic Bolognese texture. It has no added sugar or water, and is dairy-free, oil-free, and gluten-free.

Our Velvet Vodka will amaze even the most discerning fan of vodka sauce. It is, remarkably, dairy-free. To achieve that silky, rich vodka sauce texture, we replace the butter, cream and cheese with unsweetened coconut milk and a special blend of seasonings. Use it to sauce pasta or to make any number of Thai or Indian curry dishes, following our recipes or your own.

Enjoy our sauces and our recipes, and live a healthy life!

Marie Rama and Will Reiter