Starting Hudson Green...

Where do I start? There are already many really fine cooks and exceptional food writers working to share their food insights and recipes every day on a blog. So, what do I have to say that’s different?  

Maybe not that much, but I’m going to try very hard to give readers a very personal perspective on how I approach food and cooking and share ideas that embrace healthy cooking.

Here are a few principles that will guide what I write:

·      I’ll often look for and share nutritional information with you that informs your eating choices, hoping not to bore you too much with unwanted details.  

·      I’ll post original plant-based recipes that I’ve personally tested to be sure they meet my standards for taste, nutritional value, and practicality. 

·      I’ll post photos along with my recipes, but these won’t be professionally styled and lit. I’ll take them in my kitchen as I create each recipe for you.

But let me really begin by introducing myself.

I am a best-selling cookbook author, having co-authored Cooking for Dummies, Grilling for Dummies and Bacon Nation, and now my son Will and I have a family business, called Hudson Green.  We create unique plant-based sauces. Our first sauce was our Hudson Green Meatless Bolognese, and we just released a dairy-free Velvet Vodka sauce. In addition to being plant based, our sauces have no added sugar or water, and we use the highest-quality ingredients we can buy.


You might be asking right about now, why did I stop writing cookbooks to make jarred sauces?

About 3 years ago my wonderful husband Mark underwent a surgical procedure to open his blocked arteries, and we both decided to examine and change our diets. He became vegetarian, only occasionally eating fish, and he also stopped cooking with oil and fat of any kind.  

He was not a cook. In fact, he pretty much shunned every aspect of cooking, leaving the shopping, chopping, seasoning and serving up to me entirely. He needed me to create dishes that embraced his new, self-imposed dietary guidelines.  Cooking without meat or dairy wasn’t that hard; but cooking without oil or any kind of fat was tricky. How would I sauté vegetables, or impart flavor to herbs or alliums like onions and garlic without event a tincture of olive oil?

I cooked up a storm of oil-free, vegan dishes and one was a meatless Bolognese that we loved. I shared the sauce with friends and they loved it too. It was kind of a “eureka” moment for me. I thought, “If I can safely bottle this sauce, others might like it too.”

 We introduced our oil-free Meatless Bolognese about two years ago, and our Velvet Vodka sauce was first put on shelves in May of 2019.  Both of our sauces have so many more uses other than pasta, and I can’t wait to share them with you here! Thanks for reading!


Will Reiter