Hudson Green

The inspiration for Hudson Green comes from the farm-rich Hudson Valley we call home. We believe in plant-based foods, both for our health and our environment. At Hudson Green, it is our mission to create the most delicious plant-based sauces on the market, using only the finest ingredients and eliminating unnecessary additives like sugar and water. We have reimagined two classic Italian favorites, Bolognese and Vodka sauce, with plant-based ingredients that deliver classic texture and taste. The result is surprisingly rich flavor, and quite possibly the freshest tasting sauces you’ll ever try.


a plant-based take on The classics

Hudson Green plant-based sauces are made in small batches to bring homemade taste to your kitchen. We have taken two classics, Bolognese and Vodka sauce, and reinvented them using the finest ingredients to bring you the freshest tasting sauces without fillers or artificial ingredients, and without dairy or meat. Our Meatless Bolognese mirrors a classic Bolognese, but without any cream, oil, butter or meat. Instead we use generous amounts of six vegetables plus walnuts to make a healthy and delicious sauce that captures that authentic Bolognese texture. Our Velvet Vodka contains no dairy. Instead of cream, butter or cheese, we use unsweetened coconut milk to create that unmistakable silky texture, with a vodka sauce flavor that rivals other sauces. Both our sauces are perfect for pasta—or as a base for a number of wonderful recipes you can find here!